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Model 504-20 Hydro-Extractors Bundle ExtractorHydro-Extractors, a Texas company, is the sole manufacturer and distributor of the original Hydro-Extractors hydraulic tube bundle extractor. We were the first company to develop, design and manufacture a bundle extractor. Since 1969, our company has designed, manufactured, repaired, and operated hydraulic tube bundle extractors. We are the original!

The aerial hydraulic tube bundle extractor is a workhorse of a machine with a simple, elegant design that revolutionized the maintenance of heat exchangers when it was introduced to the market by B.J. Travis and Hydro-Extractors in 1969. The first unit was sold to Shell in Deer Park, TX in 1972. Like any mechanical innovation, it has undergone subtle, but significant, improvements in its performance and adaptability over time. The original design is still a proven performer evidenced by the fact that many of our units that are 30+ years old are still in service. It has been put to work quickly in hundreds of diverse installations. Our bundle extractor is still the most reliable, safest, easiest to operate and most economical on the market.

We manufacture several models of hydraulic tube bundle extractors to meet your needs – from aerial units to truck mounted units – in several lengths, or we can custom design a unit specifically for your project or application. For our engineering customers, we use AutoCAD so our drawings will flow seamlessly into your project drawings.

We also have the most experienced operators in the business with more than 30 years’ experience operating hydraulic bundle extractors. Because we invented this machine and have been operating and training in real-life situations in plants all over the world, there is no one who has the experience that we have. We can provide operators for your job if you need someone quickly who can pull any bundle without a learning curve. Or we can provide an operator with more experience than anyone in the industry to train and certify your employees. If you’ve got a challenging bundle to pull and don’t want to make a mistake that will lose you a contract, give us a call. We’ve seen (and pulled!) it all!

We also occasionally offer used, reconditioned bundle extractors for sale and we are active buyers in this market if you have a bundle extractor for sale.


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